What is RestorFX?


Our Purpose

RestorFX is in the business of delivering the most efficient, permanent, and innovative technology and products on the market—with the goal of bringing the automotive detailing and refinishing industry to the leading edge. We do this by focusing on intelligent, smart tools that improve the industry, drive innovation, and provide incredible value and satisfaction to customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring innovation and technology to the automotive industry, inspiring businesses to grow beyond their traditional confines. Through our business practices and actions, we remind those we encounter that principles and relationships are not to be lost in the bottom line. They are the bottom line.

Our Story

The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System was envisioned and pioneered by founders Alexander and Nadia Kay, who wanted to change the way vehicle reconditioning and detailing was done. They recognized that the automotive and detailing industry was still utilizing dated, time-consuming, and limited technology-only ever producing short-term results that didn’t renew the original quality of a paint finish. Unsatisfied with the results, and knowing there had to be a better solution, the Kays began the arduous process of developing, testing, and refining what would become the RestorFX System we know today.

In 2006, after six years of intense research and development to ensure their proprietary technology was consistent and flawless, the Kays along with co-founder Tony Dowsett launched RestorFX International. In 2011 it became evident that greater resources were needed as the company rapidly grew. It was at this point that Nicholas Vaandering joined the RestorFX team. Nicholas brought new systems and organization to the company, In 2013 Nicholas assumed the position of CEO. With this amazing team that represents the best depth of knowledge, vision, direction and coupled with its new image and branding efforts, RestorFX is the world leader in its industry. Since then, over 200,000 vehicles have been renewed by the RestorFX System with hundreds of vehicles processed daily worldwide.

What started as a single location in Vancouver, British Columbia has turned into a vast international presence with Exclusive Distributors on five continents and hundreds of Licensed RestorFX shops worldwide. This is the result of years of testing and reformulations, making RestorFX the most advanced product on the market and presenting automotive businesses and professionals a truly unique opportunity to expand their business and deliver superior results to customers.