What is RestorFX?
RestorFX is changing the industry by returning a vehicle’s paint back to a factory-quality shine without high body shop costs or long turnaround times.

Of the thousands of products on the market, nothing compares to RestorFX. It is revolutionizing the way the automotive and detailing industry refinishes paint. As part of the quality assurance process, some vehicles are monitored for over eight years to ensure there is no flaking, peeling, or delaminating. RestorFX is truly permanent. And with continuous testing and evaluation, RestorFX remains the most advanced product available.

Game-changing technology
  • Completely restorative and permanent *
  • Superior results to traditional detailing
  • A low-cost alternative to repainting
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Safe for the environment


  • Temporary. Time, weather, and washing can bring back the swirls and fade covered up by polishes and waxes.
  • Time Consuming. Many hours alone can be spent buffing away precious clear coat, creating unnecessary compound dust to clean up.
  • Risky. Burn-through can occur when attempting to remove deep scratches.
  • Degenerative. The process of buffing removes critical layers of clear coat than can actually increase surface flaws while reducing the depth and luster of an existing clear coat.


  • Permanent. Scratches, swirls, and blemishes are completely removed, and further damage is prevented by RestorFX and cannot be washed off.
  • Efficient. The RestorFX process can be completed within several hours, using minimal resources and leaving no excess mess to clean up.
  • Reliable. By filling and repairing deep scratches, there is little to no risk of burn-through.
  • Restorative. A vehicle maintains its original integrity through the process of treating and repairing an existing clear coat.